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Magic vs. Metal is the place for you to show your full fighting ability, and you are also the notorious leader. This unique action game always wins the hearts of players. You will discover all your true skills. Moreover, you have the right to choose for yourself a faction and become the hero with the highest power. Players will also have the right to add a series of other brave warriors to fight those dark forces. Players find the most powerful puzzle piece, and you are also the owner of a series of new skills.

Magic vs. Metal Magic vs. Metal


After having a meeting, you have also found that the faction you want to protect is the Magi; your strength has increased significantly. The force in your army is all precious creatures and unique soldiers. Each group will have a very large number, so you need to come up with effective strategies. Players should also know their real role and goals in this war.


The machines are gradually entering the forbidden area to provoke you. They are opening fire to attack many places. But with, your current ability is not strong enough to attack again, so you choose the aid method. The soldiers are reinforced, and you can take on all those machines. You need to be able to use specific weapons to defeat the machines and try to develop more fighting power.


Players also need to change many strategies to serve to defeat the other machines. At the same time, you should also add large vehicles to be able to ravage those giant machines as well as crush them. You also need to find the essential pieces that help you unlock the powerful treasure. As a result, you can find even more special skills to become a great leader.

Magic vs. Metal Magic vs. Metal


  • Choose the Magi faction with enough strength and become the leader with enough power to lead the war.
  • Combine the power of all creatures and add a bunch of new soldiers with enough force to defeat the machines.
  • Provide accurate plans to establish an entirely new position and be able to defeat their intentions.
  • Always add more advanced weapons and use combat vehicles to quell the uprising of those machines.
  • Get all the essential pieces and unlock the secret box to gain the series of mystical skills we should have.


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