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Memes Wars is an engaging action game that offers many uncompromising battles. There, you are a mighty warrior who will confront countless powerful enemies from all over the world. Not only that, war will constantly break out in this game, do everything you think is right, including challenging other countries. Never mind, you will be the strongest warrior in this game, able to take down anything with the vehicle and weapon of your choice.

Memes Wars


Anything can happen in Memes Wars, even those that never end. And maybe it’s a battle known as world war 3. Do everything you think is right, including the fact that you are the one who stands up and challenges everything. There is no limit in this game, where everything is completely refreshed and improved, just play, fight and beat everything.


Memes Wars has no limit on the number of participants, so you can fight with your friends or family. This is a game where the player has control over everything, including the decision to fight or defend. You can create an army with your friends or any player you think will be useful to your team. Or the opposite, challenge every player in the world, compete against everything by joining the tough battle.

Memes Wars


In addition to warriors, vehicles are indispensable in wars, especially large-scale military wars. You can’t fight without a means of support, or you can only defend without making any attacks. In this game, more than 30 special vehicles often appear in big battles, such as tanks, helicopters… You can own all of them when you win and unlock them all.


Boldly challenge and challenge everyone, even stand up against hostile forces without fear of anything. Players must participate in hundreds, thousands of battles regardless of large and small scale. Make sure that the battles that take place in Memes Wars are executed with flair. To be able to defeat the enemy’s army, equip yourself with advanced weapons with the greatest destructive power.

Memes Wars


You have to participate in many different small battles, and their level of danger is not the same. That’s why you need to prepare carefully in all aspects before accepting someone’s challenge. Come up with a strategy, and carefully study the terrain where you fight. Because each environment where your war takes place will have a different map, arrange soldiers reasonably in each environment, based on the maps you receive.


There are many exciting surprises waiting for you to discover in Memes Wars. The game takes place in many terrible wars with the participation of many mighty armies. You will be involved in different battles corresponding to the difficulty of the level you get. There are 3 challenging levels in this game, and it offers different fights.

Memes Wars

  • Do everything you think is right, even challenge the world’s strongest armies and create a battle like no other in world history.
  • This game is not limited to players, you can team up with friends or players around the world, or you can challenge and compete with them in battles.
  • More than 30 types of vehicles can be used in battles such as tanks, planes, or helicopters … fight and win battles for the opportunity to own all vehicles.
  • Possessing an advanced arsenal with hundreds of diverse objects, choose and distribute weapons in time to the warriors before a certain war takes place.
  • Fight in different environments, come up with a strategy and distribute forces appropriately when receiving a battle map of a particular area.


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