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Merge Master: Dinosaur Monster MOD APK 1.1.0 1.1.0

Merge Master is the perfect game for anyone who loves dinosaurs or strategy games. In Merge Master, your goal is to fuse your dinosaurs or warriors together to create a giant monster that can defeat your enemies. You must be quick and strategic in your approach if you want to win. 

There are several different fusion options available, so you can tailor your strategy to fit your playstyle. Whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore strategist, Merge Master is the perfect game for you. 

You can practice your skills at different levels, but in the end, you have to be quick in your actions. Then you can truly enjoy this game. 

Merge master is a game in which you have to fuse many dinosaurs to defeat your enemies dinosaurs. As much strong the monster you build, the more chance you have to win the game.

Sometimes you have no money in the game so you can not build more monsters so you have to remain losing the round. We will provide you with its apk mod so you do have not to wait to have more money and to win.

So what are you waiting for? Start fusing and fighting today!

Features in Merge Master: Dinosaur fusion.

  • You can enjoy beautiful 3D graphics in the game merge master

  • You can become the strongest and most strategic dinosaur by playing the game at a high level.

  • It is a 100% free game.

  • It is fun to play, but it is also an addictive game.

  • Its controls are easy.

  • Both children and adults can play this game.

  • Both boys and girls can play this game.

  • There are many monsters, fighters, and dinosaurs found in the game.

  • Build your real strategies to win the game easily.

  • You will face dragons, monsters, and Trex in your opponent.

  • It will enhance your quick thinking skills. When you think quickly and react quickly, you will win this game easily.

  • When you finish the levels, your monsters will be becoming more powerful.

  • The game challenges that only 1% of people unlocked all creatures, can you?

  • Beautiful classic graphics make this game more appealing.

  • Once you started the game, you will come back to play more and more. 

  • It is easy and simple to play. Click on the Dinosaurs you want to merge and all done.

  • You can merge your troops to make a single terrifying monster.

  • You need to be brave to face your enemies.

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How to play Merge Master?

You can play merge master easily as it is not so difficult to play you just have to buy dinosaurs and merge them to have the best dinosaur to defeat your enemy. 

You can even have more than one monster and a friend archer who kills your enemy’s army, so he may not win the game. As, as you will become a higher-level player, you will get more difficulties in your game.

For Android phones, it is available on Google Play Store.

How to play merge master for beginners.

Can we play Merge master: dinosaur fusion on PC?

Yes, you can play it on your PC. You just have a need to have an emulator so you can play it on your PC easily. As emulators help the mobile game to have on the PC.the best emulator are game loop and Blue Stack.

Is it safe to download it from the TRENDY APK website?

Yes, it is safe to download the games from TRENDY APK. As we have checked it on the antivirus app before publishing it on the website. So, you can play it safely by downloading it from our website.

Click on the download button, our downloader will start downloading android games on your file manager. Similarly, you can also download apps from

Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion Mod APK.

We are providing you with unlimited money for the game merge monster. So you do not have to wait as much time you don’t have more money.

You can build the strongest monster, so you have no chance to lose the game. Even you can build the strongest of the dinosaur at the start of the game. So no one can defeat you, even at a high level.

How to install Merge master: Dinosaur Fusion mod apk?

You can install merge master on your android mobile by following the following steps.

  • You just need to download the game’s apk file from the website.

  • Then you have to allow install unknown files on your mobile from your settings.

  • Then you have to install it on your mobile.

  • Now you can easily enjoy the game.


Merge Master mod apk is the best game for the ones who want to enhance their quick thinking and acting quickly skills. This game will teach you how to react quickly. 

You can try this game and let us know about your experience further.

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