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Mr Autofire v2.1.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/One Hit) Download


Mr. Autofire gives you the ultimate shooting experience and shoots down fearsome aliens. This is an action game with a unique adventure combination, and the player will control his character to explore the alien world. The most exciting thing is that you will become the focus of attention of those terrifying aliens, and they will find ways to attack and destroy you. With superior shooting ability and high self-defense ability, it will be an exciting competition between you and the aliens. Let’s fight to the end and get the victory for ourselves.

Mr Autofire


You are a person with a burning passion for adventure and often conquering new things. Now you are taking on the challenge of conquering the fascinating alien world. This excursion will bring players to new challenges, with new mysterious journeys. More unique is that this excursion will have new elements that players will not expect.

Mr Autofire

The player will encounter a variety of alien monsters. They are the ones who, if they detect a stranger, will attack quickly. And, of course, you will not be surprised when they attack. The special thing is that your carry-on luggage is full of guns. Each type of gun will show a new side, and it will help you shoot and kill those weirdos.

Mr Autofire


In addition to the guns you have, the game will also give you more advanced guns. These are the weapons that you need to have in every fight. Mr. Autofire also provides you with a spaceship so that if you encounter an unexpected situation, you can hide. The battle will take place at each level, and you have to try to pass the new levels to be able to continue the game.

Mr Autofire


Those eccentrics will split into waves to attack you, and sometimes they will attack vigorously to push you to the end. Sometimes you need to find other mysterious ways to avoid those attacks. The game always gives you strategies to overcome such cases. But win because you will own more weapons, get the great treasure and gain the right to take over that alien area.


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