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MultiCraft v2.0.4 APK + MOD (No ADS) Download

MultiCraft is a game where players will participate in a big world made of blocks and possess different experience levels. You are free to interact with the things you like and maintain your life in the game. At the same time, the number of items in the game is entirely diverse, so it will take some time to learn. In addition, their number will also increase after some updates.

MultiCraft ― Build and Mine! 👍


You will be utterly amazed at the new version of MultiCraft and the changes that appear in many different aspects of this game. So you will take the time to learn and explore the potential of what it can do for you. The first element is a block called a campfire, and similar to its name, you will see a burning pile of firewood, and it will have a slightly different application than the furnace. You can also verify that it can replace the furnace or not.

MultiCraft ― Build and Mine! 👍

The next item added and easily created by you is a birthday cake. This item has a relatively large appearance, and that is why it cannot be carried and placed in the player’s pocket. At the same time, you can also use it at parties with your friends when experiencing the multiplayer mode. In addition, an item that will help you conveniently create many potions simultaneously is brew machines, and new potions are waiting for you to be created.

The factor that is paying attention and attracting many players is the change in the blocks’ color, especially the cement blocks. After a long wait, players can now find many blocks with diverse colors and create impressive works of art. At the same time, the newly introduced monsters are Piranha fish, and they possess entirely the same properties as in real life. You can also find detailed changes to the appearance of some monsters.

MultiCraft ― Build and Mine! 👍


When you experience MultiCraft, you will thoroughly enjoy the vastness and what appears inside it. You can do whatever you like and ensure a seamless experience depending on the game mode you choose. At the same time, the elements in this game are all counted as a block, so when you get close to something to interact with, you will see an invisible block surrounding it and making it easy for you to interact. In addition, you will control the character with two hands from a first-person perspective.

MultiCraft ― Build and Mine! 👍


The mode that MultiCraft possesses is entirely diverse, and players can choose the game mode that suits them. The first mode will be for those who love creating to construct a building that they like, which is the creative mode. Like the name, you will be able to put the items you have in any order and as long as it is right for you to create an exciting building. In addition, you are also free to destroy elements that you do not feel are necessary and hinder your construction.

The next mode will test your perseverance in a harsh world where you don’t know when danger will come to you. You will collect objects to create the necessary items and store them when you run out of health and mana. At the same time, the environment in this mode will also change, and you need to consider building a house to be safe in the dark. You can also experience this game with your friends and do weird things.

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