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Blocky Castle: Tower Challenge will take place in the battle between animals to create interesting things. This is a typical action game, and players will control their animals to participate in the battle. We will be able to choose any animal to join the fight. And immediately, a few seconds later, the game will give the opponent that we need to destroy. This fight will decide a lot of things, and will you control your animal to win?

Blocky Castle 2: Multiplayer


Before entering the war, we need to choose the appropriate animals. After we make an official decision, the game will offer an opponent of equal strength to confront. In this confrontation, you need to conquer all barriers and climb to the highest position to win. Blocky Castle: Tower Challenge wants you to have the opportunity to get the highest score in each round.

The game will give a castle of a certain length to participate in this match. Players will stick to the typical positions, the partitions to be able to jump to the highest. More specifically, for each jump, you also need to pay attention to all the obstacles on that castle because those obstacles can knock you out or crush your face at any time.

Blocky Castle 2: Multiplayer


The battle has officially begun, and the challenge has also begun since then. Players will control their animals to the point where they can stand firmly. Jump up the stairs and see all the obstacles in them. Perform quick jumps to be able to get through the punches that hit the sky. It would help if you were not distracted for a moment because that animal can fall at any time.

Try to stay as long as possible; your score will be multiplied higher. If you are in a higher rank than your opponent, of course, your ability to win will be firmly in your hand. More specifically, it is necessary to seize the opportunities to be able to jump to the highest position. Players can also use the high jump feature in Blocky Castle: Tower Challenge to allow animals to jump to other safe locations.

Blocky Castle 2: Multiplayer


You should also collect all the assets on your way, which will help you win the highest ranking. Blocky Castle: Tower Challenge always gives you exciting items such as magnets to attract coins or cover all assets. The game will also help you jump too high positions to win noble diamond buttons. That diamond button will help you and the animal grow more robust than the original position.

Blocky Castle 2: Multiplayer


  • Make interesting animal selections, and the animal will follow you through the whole process.
  • Cross the obstacles and climb to the highest position to be able to survive.
  • Make special upgrades to your animals for even greater power.
  • Crush all your opponents by using the feature to stop the enemy.
  • Collect all the gold coins and assets in the game to contribute to the top position.


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