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One day, an old cloth doll woke up in a fantasy world. With such an awakening, it is also impossible to know what it is. The journey of this game is an adventure to answer the doll the meaning of existence. Why does it wake up, and what does it wake up for? A story will slowly be revealed through the perspective of a small object, with the primitive knowledge of a child. The journey to understand the world has been and is beginning like that.

As mentioned above, the old forest is where this story begins. Everything becomes extremely strange under the eyes of a doll. It doesn’t know what’s going on with it. This existence exists. Things that are familiar to humans, such as branches, leaves, and bugs, all become strange. With the attitude of a living being, the doll will begin to move around and learn about this world. Various things and diverse creatures gradually appeared and presented difficult challenges. Later, the adventure is expanded, and the familiar world is presented uniquely.

My Little Guardian is not too difficult to play as it is a puzzle adventure game. Players must use their intellect to reason and come up with appropriate answers to everything. The process of playing is that you have to keep moving forward. This world will present many difficulties you need to overcome to continue living and find the meaning of your life. Have you ever played a platformer game? My Little Guardian has a movement similar to this game genre. You can traverse a wooden maze, swim across a river or walk through the desert. The things you encounter along the way are also varied and exciting. Maybe a butterfly, a paper boat, or a scorpion. Everything is new to the main character. Do your best to get to the end of the journey.

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