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Otherworld Legends v1.14.3 MOD APK (Menu/Money/VIP/Characters) Download


Otherworld Legends destroys the online game world with compelling combat content and beautiful attacks. The collection of the most classic hero characters of all time is the highlight for this comeback. The encounters between players and strange creatures always have combat; are you ready to start it? The new equipment added in the updated version will not let you down; make good use of everything to survive to the end!

Otherworld Legends


Not only fixed in one location, but matches can also happen anywhere in Otherworld Legends. The opportunity to visit and admire the beautiful scenery can be a lush bamboo forest, a temple, or, even more gruesome, the underground world. You will be able to choose one from dozens of characters, develop their skills and join the battles out there in no time! Fancy graphic techniques greatly aid in the characterization of our heroic characters.

Otherworld Legends

On the way you pass, try to look around for luck when you come across a few valuable items. Those items can help you upgrade equipment, weapons, or even skills. The perfect combination of objects together can create a big surprise. Each level you go through has different difficulties, and it always changes the way the game plays, not fixed, and creates a more complex, more curious feeling when clicking on the game.

Otherworld Legends


Never before have players experienced the fun of having character control and story building as easy as Otherworld Legends. Depending on the choice before joining this endless adventure, you will own a different character; they have different skills. Choose your favorite character! The sequence of operations is not interrupted or interrupted for silly reasons; control the character to overcome the dense barrier of enemies and use moves to knock them away quickly.

Otherworld Legends

Do you have questions about the enemies you will encounter along the way? They take on many forms, from knights to monsters, with different characteristics; they will have different weaknesses. Find out their information and attack in the right place, and you will soon end the battle with victory. Going through a lot of beautiful scenery, you will surely see many monumental buildings; your bonus can also buy and build them, try to own a beautiful collection!


Surprise, fierceness, and randomness are all you should know about Otherworld Legends because there are so many mysteries still lying in the dark, be the first to bring justice to the light. Become the hero with the most glorious feat. Through a few operations, the agile movement uses a combo of skills to corner the enemy. The animations that you are experiencing are the result of the creative process from 2D and 3D drawing techniques!

Otherworld Legends


Otherworld Legends has no limits, the fun goes on, and the quest to protect the world against the monster rebellion continues. Experience a fun, enthusiastic space when receiving illustrious feats; try to become the strongest hero. We always listen to your feedback about the game and work to fix bugs as soon as possible! Don’t forget to track your activity on the leaderboard and progress every day.


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