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Pirate Code v1.3.9 MOD APK (Speed Up Attack) Download


Take to the seas for intense ship-to-ship warfare in a true PvP setting. You can play solo or form a fleet with up to eight other players and engage in massive maritime battles. Pick a leader with special abilities, hop aboard a massive warship, and dominate the seas!

You can be the Pirate Code Captain of your choice, wielding the devastating fireball of Vasco de Gama, the mighty energy wave of Billy, the cunning invisibility barrier of Hattori, or the terrifying frost arrow of Catalina and finding the best skipper and gaining a tactical advantage on the water! One of twelve powerful battleships is yours to command, including the terrifying Obsidian, the swift Dragon Boat, and the massive Flying Dutchman. Each vessel has special abilities that will give you a leg up on the competition. Before engaging in ship-to-ship combat, it’s a good idea to strengthen your vessel’s defenses. Engage in massive online fights with up to four other ships.

Spend your hard-earned gold on a high-stakes pirate expedition into the unknown in the hopes of defeating the Kraken. You can fight with a dozen potent vessels, such as the stealthy Obsidian, the swift Dragon Boat, or the massive Flying Dutchman. Pick from one of 10 different captains, each with unique abilities, like Hattori’s invisible shield, Catalina’s chilling ice arrow, or Vasco de Gama’s deadly fireball. It’s possible to sail the seven seas in various vessels, each with its captain and crew. Upgrading your armor, cannons, and torpedoes is essential before engaging in a conflict on the high seas. You can either swim solo or join a fleet to achieve greater success. The enemy fleet can be attacked with ice beams, shark attacks, fireballs, or, more strategically, using healing and invisibility. Complete a string of marine missions, and you’ll be rewarded with valuable riches. Defeating the opponent requires mastery of one of the three maps.


  • Take part in massive online naval battles, pitting five players against five other players.
  • Begin your search for wealth by embarking on a perilous adventure into the unknown and slaying the Kraken along the way.
  • Pick one of twelve powerful ships to take into combat with you, ranging from the terrifying Obsidian to the lightning-fast Dragon Boat and the gigantic Flying Dutchman.
  • Choose from one of 10 nautical captains, each with their own potent skill, such as Catalina’s terrifying ice shot, Hattori’s crafty invisibility shield, Vasco De Gama’s devastating fireball, and Billiy’s enormous energy wave.
  • You may employ a variety of techniques to achieve your goal of dominating the high seas by combining different captains, skills, and ships in your fleet.
  • Before setting out on the open sea, make sure your ship is ready for combat by upgrading its armor, guns, and torpedoes.
  • You may either choose to play as a lone shark or as part of a fleet and compete for the glory of the entire group.
  • You can choose to be more strategic by using your healing and invisibility talents, or you can unleash a variety of assaults, such as ice beams, shark attacks, and fireballs, on the enemy fleet.
  • You may earn some very valuable gold by completing a series of seafaring quests.
  • To win the match, you need to dominate one of the three maps.


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