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Potion Punch 2 is back and brings a new change when it is no longer an old restaurant in the previous part but has been replaced by a more luxurious restaurant. In this section, you will have the opportunity to create many unique and exciting dishes for your crazy guests to help your restaurant become more and more famous.

Potion Punch 2: Magic Restaurant Cooking Games


For players to be creative and not get bored, Potion Punch 2 has brought everyone a lot of challenges and complex tasks this time. Each challenge will be a completely new experience with many unique foods and drinks for you to explore. The materials have also been upgraded and have much better quality, from rare creatures to ancient ones. You may find them bizarre and scary, but it delights your customers.

All ingredients will be displayed in front of you so that you can easily observe and choose to suit the dish you need to make. Customers will start coming in, and your job is to fulfill all their requests by making the right dishes that they want. The dishes here are all very new to you, and you have never seen them in any game, so you need to be sharp and guess what ingredients you will need to make that dish. However, so that you do not have too much difficulty, the game has detailed instructions at the beginning for you to learn.

Potion Punch 2: Magic Restaurant Cooking Games


Because this is not exactly an ordinary restaurant with familiar dishes such as hamburgers, beefsteak or attractive drinks that you often see in other games, so there will be some surprises. You wouldn’t think that these strange ingredients can create a dish, and it is also a very eye-catching dish. There are some things you will recognize the first time you see them, and there will be others that you will not be able to guess what it is.

Potion Punch 2: Magic Restaurant Cooking Games

They are ingredients harvested from distant and mysterious lands, so they are quite rare, but they are very attractive when combined to create a dish. That attracts many customers to your restaurant just to experience delicious dishes prepared by professional chefs. The ingredients look quite scary at first, but it will be the culinary quintessence when in your hands.


Whether a restaurant has been in operation forever or is famous and known by many people is partly due to the number of customers coming in each day. Not only is it a part to help boost your restaurant’s reputation, but it’s also a great source of your income. So always please your beloved guests so that they can visit again and again.

Potion Punch 2: Magic Restaurant Cooking Games

Each customer will have an energy bar right at the top so you can easily see how satisfied they are. They will wait while you cook, and if you do it for too long, the energy bar will start to drop. Until it runs out, that means they can’t wait any longer and leave with a very annoying attitude. Try to do everything as quickly as possible so that your customers don’t have to wait too long to enjoy a dish.

Come to Potion Punch 2 to become a professional manager of your restaurant and prepare many delicious dishes with extraordinary ingredients. Bring your restaurant to more people and have the opportunity to open more branches by delighting your customers.

Potion Punch 2: Magic Restaurant Cooking Games


  • Become a manager of a large restaurant chain established by the owner.
  • At the same time, one of the main chefs manages the dishes that can be served to diners.
  • Many kinds of fancy food and drinks are constantly being created to satisfy customers.
  • The game tasks given are very diverse, and you will be the one who needs to perform them fastest to satisfy the customers.
  • The game’s graphics are designed in a fun, colorful, and entertaining cartoon style.

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