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Robot Car v2.9.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Speed) Download


If you have always wished you owned a robot full of interesting features and controlled them to adventure to many different journeys, then with this game you will be met with everything. All you need to do is move your robot to your favorite places or if you want, they will act in the form of a real supercar. This city is yours so don’t worry but be free to act or do what you want.


Have you ever thought that you will be able to see with your own eyes what a robot can do and act like a true multi-purpose machine, then start experiencing this game right away. This is a construction game with different gameplay, so players can freely control everything according to their will but do not cause boredom because everything is perfect. You just need to use the operations provided on the screen to transform your character into different shapes.

Your robot will be adventured to many interesting places in this city so your task is to move the robot and move around to perform the task. If you’re used to the big shape, you can switch to driving mode and it will act as a new supercar. Don’t worry about you bumping into other cars because it won’t cause you any trouble so move confidently and head straight for other places.

Robot Car


Robot Car is built with super sharp 3D graphics to create the most vivid play space and have more relaxing moments. However, you will also face difficulties because, in this city, no one is on your side. Your character is one of the objects from the future and at the same time a new racing machine member.

You live in a large race in the future, and one day you want to move to Earth to live and act like the people here. But things will not be so simple, after a journey from far away space you have come to a new planet with the desire to live peacefully, but the inhabitants here do not think so. They always want to chase and find ways to attack you and hunt you down, so right now you will have to find a way to survive and fight continuously.


You will start your mission with arduous journeys ahead, but don’t worry because if you want to win, you must always be confident and not be subjective. This game will help you practice well your skills when using agile movements to move and fight when meeting enemies. Robot Car will bring you high-damage weapons to support you in combat.

Besides you can change them in the system and freely choose the right weapons for you. Now you will have to face directly armed people, soldiers, and special swat teams and of course, they will not let you live freely in this city. So don’t hesitate but keep attacking to not be defeated and move smartly to defend if you encounter emergencies.


This is a game with action gameplay so you will discover interesting things and make new battles. Besides, at each level, there will be different tasks and it will not be as simple as you think. You will face different enemies and they always want to oppose you so be careful because no one is trustworthy in this city.

However, when approaching the goals ahead, you can hone your skills and experience to always win and transform flexibly depending on the context. In addition, players can increase their chances of survival when conquering the goals and leaving no one near them.

Robot Car


  • Working under the body of a robot and transforming it into many different shapes depending on the tasks assigned at each level, players will start a series of interesting tasks in this game.
  • Attractive gameplay with a unique space, so the game will lead you to interesting features through which you can freely experience and become an all-powerful robot
  • You are one of the members from the future and intend to live on Earth with a peaceful spirit but no one will trust you so they will find ways to attack if you don’t notice.
  • Facing a series of difficulties when going through higher levels, besides you will have to fight continuously so make sure you always focus and move flexibly to attack the opponent
  • The game will give you a high-end weapon system with a variety of guns and they will accompany you so quickly take down your enemies and fight with different shapes


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