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Saw Machine provides a special playground with a combination of adventure racing in a small, narrow range and destroying each other with chainsaws. Players need to perform two tasks simultaneously, making the challenges more difficult. The racing car collection gives you more options for a super cool and easy to control car. Special rewards will be given out when you can pass the level. Please take note of the game’s difficulty; they will increase as you go deeper into the next round.



Each player participating in a Saw Machine match will be allowed to use one saw, and they will be the ones to control them and perform the assigned tasks. You can freely move within the acceptable range of the circle. However, be aware of the limit that can be reached because you will fall off the ring if you are not paying attention. The other players will repeatedly bring the chainsaw towards each other to eliminate all remaining players on the field. Avoid the chase of the chainsaw and survive.

Conversely, you can also use your chainsaw to confront other racers. This is a skill to practice when you are highly focused on driving and bringing the chainsaw towards the enemy. Only when they run over does an enemy kill count take down all the rest. Each time you gain the upper hand, you will become big again; you will be a giant chainsaw by the end of the game. In addition, do not be subjective about small chainsaws; they are also capable of knocking you down because this is not a game of power.

Saw Saw


A Collection is a favorite place in Saw Machine. All players want to own a powerful chainsaw to confront others. You can start with simple vehicles like bicycles or motorbikes with cogwheels, and they are also dangerous enough and constantly threaten the rest. It would help if you practiced controlling each car because each type will carry some disadvantages.

For other cars, players are allowed to use only when there are conditions such as new levels and coins. The advantages of more sophisticated cars are that they show your strength and experience. When you conquer the high level, each car will be unlocked in the collection, and you can start a test run. We will give specific instructions to make driving easier.


Saw Machine has continuously released updated versions with impressive bug fixes to satisfy all participants. Players are allowed to experience in a realistic 3D graphics space, and the minor details of the cars are also considered and meticulously shaped. You can feel the bustle of the arena when each movement in the circle also represents the familiar sounds of vehicles. Even if you fall from above, the beautiful graphics still help you witness the moment. The system will record the times of defeating the opponent and becoming a giant as a record far beyond expectations.


Saw Machine will also develop a few other saw-related contents for you to experience. Players will have fun speeding and knocking down their opponents with a few tricks on the system-provided ring stage. When participating in the match, the achievements that you score will be recorded and counted as rewards when the fun is over. The coins will help you upgrade your car, buy new equipment and change the track to your liking.

Saw Saw


  • A simple and easy way to join, you can play the game offline without any hiccups and enjoy the fun ads we provide.
  • Players will learn through a number of vehicle control classes to get familiar with how to drive a chainsaw practice agility and logical thinking for each situation.
  • Offers a huge collection of powerful chainsaws in a variety of sizes and designs, all available for you to get started with.
  • Get attractive rewards when the game is over, become a winner to increase your rewards, and they will help you buy some special equipment.
  • Experience in a fun space supported by vivid graphics, easy-to-listen chainsaw sounds, and other incentives from multi-dimensional 3D technology.

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