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SMASH LEGENDS v2.9.2 MOD APK (No Skill CD) Download



SMASH LEGENDS is a real-time battle that lasts for 3 minutes, and during that time, you must use all your skills and abilities to prove yourself. The game’s control is also effortless, and all players have the same goal. In addition, it is a fast-paced fighting game with smooth animations, making for an excellent experience for you.



The game is set in a fun fantasy world where heroes will gather and fight each other to protect their ideals. Or simply find the strongest person to become the leader to lead all heroes. However, you can still write your own heroic and epic storyline. In terms of gameplay, a battle will have a maximum of 8 players and a minimum of 2. Before the start of the match, each player can choose their favorite champion and control it. Each battle only lasts 3 minutes, but many details require players to fight continuously and quickly, and effectively to defeat the enemy, bringing an exciting experience for themselves.

To be able to eliminate other players from the field, you must control your legend. You can use the navigation keys to move your character and perform combat skills with other function keys. Each player will have a certain amount of health, and if it drops to zero, you lose. So it would help if you practiced more and more to be the strongest and win.



Your main task is to fight and defeat the enemy. However, depending on the game mode, you will perform different specific tasks to bring the highest score for your team. The team that gets the required number of points in the fastest time will win the game.

There are 5 different game modes for you to choose and participate in regarding the game mode. First, Dominion is a robbing game mode with up to 3 players in a team. Bases will help your allies increase their score. And in Team Deathmatch, how many enemy lives each team kills will be calculated by the corresponding number of points. Battle Royale is a survival mode, the last surviving player will be the winner, and the maximum number of players is 8 people. Harvest is a mode to collect vegetables with 4 players, they will compete for the number of vegetables on the field, and if the team wins more vegetables, they will win. PvP is a 1vs1 battle mode where players are divided between high and low talents, and the player who kills more lives when the time runs out will win.



There are many legends to choose from in SMASH LEGENDS with many different characters. Each of them possessed a different skill set but were all of the melee types. Moreover, you can choose the assassin style if you like to play at a fast pace, and if you like to play at a distance, you should choose characters with long swords.

Besides, each character has unique costume characteristics for you to distinguish between characters, and at the same time,e make the game more interesting. Certain in-game items can change your technical effects and help you stand out on the battlefield. After completing the match, you will receive the number of coins corresponding to your achievement.



  • There are a wide variety of games to choose from, including 1:1 and team battles, socializing with friends from around the world, or action or video games to compete with your friends.
  • Large and detailed map for you to easily observe. Various game modes will be updated, including Dominion, Battle Royale, Duels, Havert, Team Deathmatch, and special events.
  • Test your skills in solo and team battles against players around the world, and train your fighting skills to become the best killer.
  • Meet fairy tale characters worldwide with its beautiful interface and make it your legend with its unique and straightforward customization.
  • Smooth and straightforward control so players can enjoy and enjoy the fantastic battles, get ready to explode, and defeat all opponents.


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