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Stickman Legends offers impressive RPG experiences when players fight an army of monsters. With the scrolling levels, you will go through many different stages, and each stage will have unexpected enemies waiting for you ahead. In addition, you also cannot ignore the number of equipment and characters that you can own, and that is also the motivation for players to overcome the challenges in the game.

Stickman Legends: Offline Game


In Stickman Legends: Offline Game, players will face monsters with different shapes that they will need to destroy to complete the level. You will control the character to move inside a completely dark 2D environment with completely accessible buttons. At the same time, you can also freely use the character’s powerful attacks in the first experience when the character is fully equipped with weapons and has impressive skills.

The tutorial screen will help players familiarize themselves with the game’s combat mechanics, so the character’s skills will be unlocked temporarily. You can freely unleash powerful skills, and after that level, you will begin buffing up and showing the powers you have. At the same time, the version of the character you controlled before can be seen as a goal to make your character more impressive.

Stickman Legends: Offline Game


When you start a level in Stickman Legends: Offline Game, you will see information about that level, such as the resources you receive, the difficulty you can choose, and many other factors. So the default difficulty for the player is Normal mode, and you will see that the character can only use a limited number of skills, and you will use them to destroy the enemies that gradually appear. The feature of those levels is the scrolling feature, where you will continue to go to other levels.

At the top of the screen, you will quickly see a progress bar with different circles, and these are the small stages that you have to go through. You will be alone against many monsters that appear, and of course, each level has a rating mechanism depending on your performance. Specifically, anyone wants to achieve three stars, and sometimes they will repeat many levels to complete it in the best way.

Stickman Legends: Offline Game

When you get to a certain level, you will find many more powerful enemies that you must face: the boss. They are usually powerful monsters and are usually found at the end of levels. At the same time, they also possess an impressive appearance that you can easily recognize, along with a health bar that is different from normal monsters. Therefore, this can be seen as a challenge to urge players to increase their strength.


In Stickman Legends: Offline Game, users will spend time collecting different resources such as gold, purple diamonds, and many other elements. Each resource has a different function, and it will help you find a new source of power. Specifically, you can also unlock more characters with completely diverse skills besides the default character. At the same time, you will find ways to leverage their skills.

Stickman Legends: Offline Game

With their unique appearance, new heroes all have impressive skill sets that you can find and are often divided into two main categories: active and passive skills. Sometimes you will need to make difficult decisions about the skill path you receive.


Another interesting point that you often find in RPG games like Stickman Legends: Offline Game is the accessories that help increase the strength of the character. You can improve their power with each upgrade, and each type will have a unique quality that you can recognize by its color border. At the same time, any user will want to find a rare item because they will often add many stats to their character.

Stickman Legends: Offline Game

Finding items often revolves around finding an awe-inspiring amount of stats. Therefore, the higher the rarity of the equipment, the more power the character receives will be significantly improved. It can be said that players will overcome many different challenges to find the suitable materials to create them.

The hack-and-slash experience in the game ultimately attracts players with elements such as:

  • Players will transform into powerful heroes with impressive combat skills and weapons that they can develop.
  • Each level has a scrolling feature when they go through many different stages and complete the level in the best way.
  • Powerful bosses are always waiting for the player and possess remarkable power that requires the player to be careful and fully prepared.
  • A diverse number of characters come with unique skills that players will develop, and be careful when choosing a skill branch.
  • Items are always indispensable as they add an impressive amount of stats when they are of high quality.


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