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StrikeBox gives players a free world with exciting gunfights that you can enjoy your way. You can join your teammates to defeat the enemies that appear before you. At the same time, the number of strange elements that can occur at the level is not uncommon and changes the player’s experience. In addition, the number of weapons is also what makes players curious and will help them when facing many enemies.

StrikeBox: Sandbox&Shooter


In StrikeBox, players will experience a sandbox world where gun battles are constantly taking place, and of course, it also brings exciting and funny experiences that they can feel. They will join their team against other players and use their weapons to destroy as many enemies as possible. But this will sometimes be quite difficult because some elements can appear inside the game screen and make it challenging.

You’ll watch everything from a first-person perspective with the controls typical of Android shooters. You will do a lot of manipulation to control the details of the character’s activities, and there is a new feature that you can find to move any object. Specifically, you will fire a beam from your weapon and rotate the camera to your desired position. That can help you create a defense against attacks from enemies.

StrikeBox: Sandbox&Shooter


You will participate in a match with other players in StrikeBox, and your goal is to earn as many points as possible. Of course, you will receive weapons and find other characters to destroy them. At the same time, with the environmental factor, users can easily find other players and start completing their in-game goals. But sometimes, things will be different and bring joy to players.

The first factor you should consider is the number of vehicles that can appear in the game. There are different types of vehicles that you can approach and drive easily. At the same time, some also have powerful attacks that you can take advantage of. So, besides the ground, some players can also fly into the air in helicopters and attack the enemies below. Don’t forget that the players at the bottom can attack you at any time.

StrikeBox: Sandbox&Shooter

The monsters appearing on the game screen are also an annoying factor when they possess their sizes larger than humans. So with just some basic moves, they can knock you down instantly like a dragon that can release fire.


When you go to StrikeBox, you will be utterly impressed with the weapons you can use in battle. You can change them at will when facing different enemies, and there are many exciting options for you. Specifically, you can attack long-range targets with a sniper or destroy monsters with a powerful machine gun. In addition, the grenade launchers are also perfectly suitable for shooting enemies in the air.

StrikeBox: Sandbox&Shooter

The gun battles in the game always create surprises for players, such as:

  • Players will join other players through challenging gun battles in a sandbox world full of exploring things.
  • Gunfights stimulate players against each other with the weapons they have and the vehicles they find.
  • Unexpected elements such as vehicles can ultimately appear in this game, such as combat vehicles, giant monsters.
  • The feature of moving objects appears in this game and is completely useful to create valuable and funny strategies for the match.
  • The number of various weapons you can use to destroy what is in front of you is divided into many different types.


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