STRIKERS 1999 v2.0.56 APK + MOD (Free Shopping) Download

Appearing in front of the player is a magical shooting combat system designed at the end of the 20th century. STRIKERS 1999 brings you to the world in a critical moment on the brink of extinction in need of help and rescue from the enemy more than ever. When you come to this world, you are endowed with a collection of stealth aircraft, military aircraft with different special features. Especially with the simple gameplay that does not require any instruction, anyone can master a strong point of this game for millions of gamers.



The story begins in the last year of the 20th century when the world is engulfed in the chaos caused by war. On the screen, you are seeing tanks, military aircraft that are chaotic, pointing guns at each other fighting for life; no one spares the other. With that in mind, we invite you to join this ultimate one-of-a-kind battle to save the world from the darkness once again.



Not stopping there, supporting your battle in the competition is not limited to this, Strikers 1999 provides airplanes to fight the most powerful to make anyone shudder. You will be favored when receiving the most modern aircraft, specifically those that perform the main function of bombing. However, it is worth mentioning here that it is not an ordinary aircraft but designed to be stealthy from the F-22 to the F-117.



An attraction of STRIKERS 1999 that makes many people stay and enjoy until the last moment is the control. This is probably the easiest game to play of all time. To be able to move the aircraft up and down or left to right to aim and hit the target, the player just needs to touch the screen with his hand and move the plane according to the reflex and the corresponding direction only. You can officially control the aircraft to enter the battle with such simple operations.



Besides simple gameplay, there will be levels with simple levels that are easy to win and pass. However, you also have the opportunity to enjoy exciting experiences with different levels according to increasing difficulty causing impressive challenges. It will increase in due course from beginner to advanced player. If you reach the minimum score set by STRIKERS 1999, you will naturally climb to the next level.


Also, before officially joining the common house full storm bullet, you will admire the planes that you can use in parallel with her in races on the next trip coming in. If you are a huge fan of the military, military planes are the most reasonable choice for you. Now 5 types of aircraft with special parameters and brand new are waiting for you to conquer.



Not stopping there, we support you with special play buttons to help you upgrade your fighting power as quickly as possible. Specifically, the super-fire button is known to be a prodigy in providing a huge amount of bullets when using the collected gauge. Not only that, the bomb button is also considered an indispensable element if you want to win when it helps you stop the bomb to make the opponent’s fire stop.

– Legendary shooter with optimized gameplay.
– Use stealth planes or military planes for the war to save the world.
– Block the opponent’s fire attack with the bomb button.
– The super shot button is the trump card that helps you honor on the leaderboard.
– Hundreds of challenging levels with high levels waiting for you.

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