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Super Mario Run v3.0.26 APK (Latest) Download


Are you passionate about Mario? If you have a passion, Super Mario Run introduces you to the hottest product today; players will be immersed in modern adventures. In this exciting game, players will control Mario to perform big and small challenges and win as many gold coins as possible. More specifically, you have to rescue Princess Peach because she is the guardian deity for you and your life partner. Grab these new opportunities for yourself to be the winner of the contests.

Super Mario Run


You must complete the main mission in this game as soon as possible, which is to save Princess Peach. Monsters imprisoned the princess in numerous basements and getting there was extremely tough. You must, however, hurry to save the princess since she is the savior of your life and your life. This conquest will be on a grand scale, and you will be the main character in this game.

First, you will start with very small challenges and obstacles from the first run. This is very easy for you, so hurry to complete it to save time for more extensive missions. The road will be littered with obstacles, and you need to be careful not to step on them when doing this challenge. Players also need to prepare essential things before starting in this conquest.

Super Mario Run


Time is still ticking, and challenges are being presented more and more. However, you have the companionship of Super Mario Run, and you don’t have to worry about other big problems. More specifically, the player will also watch the time because you will not be able to move if the required time has expired. The amount of gold will appear continuously right in the game, and you need to collect them all from enriching yourself and quickly saving Princess Peach.

Monsters also constantly appear in the game this time, which will scare you. So it would help if you relied on those obstacles to turn them into something beneficial to help conquer the challenge. The higher the level, the more complex the difficulty will increase and make you afraid. We need to add gravity shoes immediately to overcome the deep holes and jump high to collect all the gold coins. You should also add extra lives through the mysterious gift boxes right in this game.

Super Mario Run


After each adventure, you need to rely on essential chains to overcome obstacles. After each adventure ends, you will collect a large amount of gold, and that is what you feel excited about. If the amount of gold you collect exceeds the initial specified amount, you will complete that journey. A new path will be opened for you and other friends, and you will have to continue with the new challenge that the game offers.

Super Mario Run makes players feel excited and always creates many new feelings through this. More specifically, players always see many significant challenges in the game, which is the unique point that makes players always want to conquer. The player will also pass all the challenges and always be the winner of the massive amount of rewards, and players will also see many more challenges set for you and other players.

Super Mario Run


  • You will take on the task of controlling Mario to take on all the significant challenges and complete everything assigned.
  • Successfully rescued the beautiful princess Peach from the hands of monsters and brought her back to the safest place.
  • Take on significant challenges and win more chances to win valuable gold coins.
  • Collect all the gold coins and upgrade your shoes to be able to bounce higher and farther than the original.
  • Always fight hard with monsters and clean up all the gold coins that drop on the floor during that game.


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