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Super Starfish v3.10.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download


Super Starfish gives players the time to relax, grow and build their own aquarium. Space comes to life with mesmerizing vibrant colors, interstellar planets, meteors, and more are attacking your aquarium, whirling around into space like starfish is gradually taking over the planet you have to move, dodge them quickly. If you don’t hurry, your world will be taken over by them.

Super Starfish


Join the adventure to discover new and interesting things in the vast universe. Build and grow your own aquarium with a variety of fish, from small fish to super rare starfish. Unique visual effects along with vivid sound will make you mesmerized by the beauty of the universe, colorful ripples, splendid stars across the galaxy. Contribute to bringing life to your aquarium and bring you moments of relaxation.

More interestingly, you will discover many new places in Super Starfish, beautiful and eye-catching scenes that make the game unique. The starfish images are designed to be quite realistic, eye-catching, and have vivid sounds to create accents and fascinate players. Although quite simple, the game still has many novelties that create an irresistible attraction and allow you to master your swimming style comfortably.

Super Starfish Super Starfish


Asteroids and planetary debris are invading your aquarium, move quickly and dodge them, or you will be burned. You have to be alert to many dangerous objects approaching; the game has many different levels, from easy to difficult. Each level has another way of playing and a different space; this is what makes the game more memorable. During the game, you will have to collect a lot of stars to be able to upgrade your aquarium to become more vibrant.

The middle of the vast ocean with countless dangerous objects is gradually invading your world. You have to control your fish to overcome obstacles to collect a lot of small stars; the more you earn, the more money you will have to buy items for life and space upgrades. The gameplay is quite simple but attractive, and to have a chance to win, you must conquer the challenges that the game offers. Create your own world and conquer the winner now.


The game becomes more interesting when it allows you to connect with friends worldwide; making friends will help you learn many things and know more new things. Allows you to choose different contexts, enjoy new experiences, conquer dangerous objects, and win instantly. In addition, a unique point of this game is the combination of classic and modern gameplay with unique contexts that create a more exciting feeling when playing.

Super Starfish Super Starfish

You will be mesmerized by the diverse colors, realistic images, sophisticated graphics design, and simple, easy-to-play interface. No need to worry that it is difficult to conquer; you can completely master your style and win in different ways. The game scores strongly with players by authentic experiences, enjoying the most relaxing time. If you are looking for a game to pass the time, then Super Starfish will be a perfect choice for you.


  • Simple interface, beautiful visual effects, and vivid sound make the game attractive.
  • A variety of rare, colorful starfish with brilliant colors earn coins and add them to your miniature aquarium.
  • Play and compete with friends, share your exciting discoveries about space and space on social networks.
  • Create and grow your own aquarium in space, build your miniature world to become colorful.
  • The gameplay is simple, smooth, but attractive; you can master the swimming style and earn many rewards.


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