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Tacticool carries a substantial caliber; players will use their special shooting abilities. This is a large-scale action game; players will combine with their teammates to be able to fight the enemy. The fiery battles, skillful handling, and impressions will help the game become a significant focus. More specifically, the fantastic foreplay combined with the game’s unique features makes players feel excited. Let’s fight all the opponents and get a resounding victory.

Tacticool – 5v5 shooter


In Tacticool, players will come across four characters who share the same desire and objective to battle together. Your five-person squad will demonstrate their combat prowess and combined might in order to win. There will be numerous problems, therefore let’s work together to find a suitable answer. Players will realize the appeal of the game as they collaborate with their teammates to create unique enhancements.

In turn, there will be different rounds taking place in the game and that is also the time for you to show off. Each person in your army will have a different role, the role set will correspond to your skills. You will have more opportunities to upgrade your own strength and abilities. Together with your teammates, create an impressive battle and destroy all other formidable opponents.

Tacticool – 5v5 shooter


Players will face a lot of opponents, maybe gangsters intending to destroy us or maybe other bloodthirsty zombies. Each of our opponents will have a different way of handling it, and players need to define it in order to destroy it completely clear. Thrilling chases will be given in turn in the game. Right now, it is we who are strong and bring order to this region.

Entering the battle, each person will be prepared with specific weapons such as axes, daggers, grenades, and even guns. The attack will occur in a certain period of time; you need to observe that map to develop a direction of action closely. Each battle will have many difficulties, such as in terms of forces, means of transport, and if they are too strong, we will have to hide.

Tacticool – 5v5 shooter


Difficulties will continue in this war, the zombies are growing stronger, and they don’t seem to be afraid of us. Use guns, grenades to block the way and destroy the other supporting troops. At the same time, use large tank vehicles to bombard them to crush them.

The game offers you a series of exciting upgrades, and each upgrade will be a big point to help you perfect your own abilities. More unique is that players need to take advantage of the upgrade advantages to get the key to unlock the supernatural power. That power will help you defeat all enemies.

Tacticool – 5v5 shooter

Tacticool brings you interesting attractions through this, and each challenge will help us assert our strength. Players help us have a lot of upgrades, which is also the point that makes us feel excited. More specifically, the unique images and eye-catching acrobatics also help us with many practical experiences.

– Combine with your friends to create a team of 5 with enough strength and will.
– Determine the course of action to come up with effective combat solutions.
– Players and their teammates perform upgrades to get powerful weapons and vehicles.
– Explore the mysterious walls inside the game and aim to destroy all the targets.
– Top-notch shooting scenes combined with vehicles that create mysterious powers will give us the best experience.


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