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Undead Clash v1.7.2 MOD APK (God Mod, One Hit Kill) Download


Become a genuine zombie bounty hunter and battle for honor and glory! Shoot zombies to save humanity in one of the most action-packed shooting games. Play Undead Clash now! Be clever, and resourceful, and organize your moves quickly, otherwise, you won’t be the last guy in the city. Join forces with other players or go at it alone to shoot zombies.

When playing Undead Clash, you must be more than simply a proficient sharpshooter. To become a genuine legend, you must continually improve your rifle and blast zombies with deadly accuracy! Challenge other players or finish zombie-killing quests on your own. The decision is yours, Sniper!


Get away from the zombie apocalypse. Being a bounty hunter and zombie sniper isn’t easy, but keep in mind that riches and fame are on the line! As you raze the undead with your customized weapon, clear the streets. Activate your Power-Ups to increase your destructive potential. Upgrade zombies to increase your score and conquer the leaderboards. Master the art of zombie shooting games!


Living in the zombie apocalypse requires continuous concentration and excellent sniper abilities. Locate and hunt the most renowned and fabled zombies. Complete many missions to climb the zombie shooter leaderboard. But killing isn’t everything. Customize your weapon and compete with other gamers. That is the only way to reach the pinnacle of any FPS zombie shooting game!


  • FPS zombie shooting games need you to make effective use of your weaponry in order to avoid being devoured.
  • Games of zombie sniper, in which players try to kill zombies by shooting them at the weakest part of their bodies.
  • Game of rapid-fire and target switching; if you don’t do it quickly, you won’t last long.
  • The zombie apocalypse has begun; choose your weapon, improve it, and gain experience as you fight.


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