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War of Rafts: Crazy Sea Battle will be the place where the battles say no to the concessions from the players. If you are a fan of the extremely attractive io genre, this will be a game that you will not be able to miss. Coming to this game, players will be participating in really fierce battles that take place in the middle of the vast sea with opponents from all over the world.

War of Rafts: Crazy Sea Battle War of Rafts: Crazy Sea Battle


If you have chosen this game to experience, one of your favorite game genres will undoubtedly be IO. For today’s game players, the IO genre gives them a really great and engaging experience, so the game maker has chosen this genre to implement. But one of the special highlights of this game for competitors in the market will certainly be the battle scene at sea.

Unlike land battles where players can confront their opponents, this game will recreate in detail the naval battles in a realistic way. At the beginning of the game, you and your opponents only own an equally small raft. And from there, you and your opponents will try to expand your small raft into large territories by collecting other rafts. From the same starting point, the better player gets it all.


One of the points that manufacturers need to pay attention to with games with the IO genre will definitely be the graphics. A game with this genre will need to have unique and beautiful graphics to be able to describe the happenings inside the battle, most specifically. Besides, the color of the game is also a remarkable point that will bring players really special and interesting experiences.

Besides graphics, one of the features that the game’s designers perform very well is the interface. A good game will have to own an amicable interface, simple, easy for players to use. And those are also the features that the interface of War of Rafts will be able to bring to the player’s experience inside this game.

The game with the IO genre has been and will give players a really pleasing and attractive experience. Coming to War of Rafts, players will feel intense battles, beautiful, sharp, detailed graphics, and an easy-to-use interface. All have been prepared inside the game so that players can experience it immediately after logging in.

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