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Whoscall MOD APK v7.21- Caller ID & Block (Premium)

Whoscall MOD APK v7.21: Whoscall is the one and only option for a secure and trustworthy telecommunication environment for android apps. With more than 70 million downloads worldwide. It is a highly-regarded phone app with Caller ID & Block function. 

Excluding calls and text messages service, it is a famous app identification of incoming calls & SMS, blocking malicious spam calls & SMS, and is powered by its enormous database with over 1 billion numbers. 

Whoscall protects you from annoying spam calls and keeps your personal information safe. 

If you download Whoscall and install it on your Android phone, no one can call you from an unknown number. You must also know that it is an android app. Whenever call you an unknown number, the Whoscall app will let you know the name of the caller. 

So, you will know the name of the unknown person who is calling you before even picking up the call. You can also get this app on your tablet. For iOS users, you can get the app on the app store.


Whoscall MOD APK – Caller ID & Block Features:

  • You can identify the unknown calls and only pick the important ones. Isn’t it amazing?

  • It will automatically block the spam calls. To use this feature, you have to make this phone app your default one.

  • There is also a dialer that will let you make your own calls. If you are bored with your previous dealer, you can try this for free.

  • If you got bored with your previous phone call interference, Whoscall has a fresh look for you.

  • There is also an SMS conversation section where you can send and receive messages. 

  • Its smart identification process will automatically avoid spammy messages for you. It will let you get only the important messages.

  • You can easily block all the annoying messages with just one click.

  • It is a community-based app. It is the reason it is getting better and better every day. There are more than 1 billion numbers of data in its database.

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Whoscall Android Permission Requirments:

Whoscall app needs these permissions to work properly.

  • It will need call log, and contacts access permission to work correctly. It will assist in blocking unwanted calls. 

  • Next, it needs SMS/messaging permissions. It will assist it in sending, receiving, and blocking text messages. 

  • You also need to share the location information with this app.

  • The last permission it requires is the storage, including access to the mic.

How to get Whoscall for free?

To get its all features unlocked for free you can download the mod apk of Whoscall. You can just get the android devices like tablets, mobile, and PCs. To download the mod apk for Whoscall, you must follow our instructions.

  • First, you have to download the mod apk for Whoscall from our website.

  • Now you should allow your mobile’s setting to install the unknown files 

  • Then you can install it and can use it for free.

  • You can get this app on your mobile and can get this as apk file.

One more thing that I want you to tell you that is that you can install these apps on your mobile as we have already checked for any malware or any update.

Can we use whose call on a PC?

Yes, you can use the whose call app on an emulator. You have to download an emulator on your PC and then you can get this app on the emulator and then you can use it on your PC.

We suggest to the emulator for android apps are game loop and Bluestacks. You can also get other android apps on these emulators. From there you can get apps on the play store.

How to download this app on iOS devices?

You can easily download this app on iOS devices. You just have to get it through this link and the from the app store. so you do have not to struggle to find it on the app store.

Why should I download Whoscall?

The issue with Truecaller is that it reveals phone numbers, and brings them to the people. It has become a phone handbook for the 21st century. 

Imagine you know the caller before talking to him. Whoscall app can do it for you?

What happens if I uninstall Whoscall?

If you uninstalled Whoscall, then the data in the app will be totally lost. You can not recover the data. So, it is important that you have confirmed your backups for the data. 

Otherwise, all the pics, numbers, massages, and other data will be lost. If you had logged in to the app and then you had selected auto-backup, then you should not be worried because then your data will be saved before uninstalling it.

You can also get other APK Files and other Android apps on our website.

Whoscall Premium mod APK features:

  • You can access Whoscall’s unique offline database. There will be no need for the internet to know the caller ID.

  • Its offline database will automatically get updated whenever you get the internet back.

  • And more excitingly, there will be no more ads.


It is a must-have app for Android users. So, download the Whoscall mod apk for free now. It will protect you from scammers, and bot calls. 

So, why are you still waiting?

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