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Wildsong v1.37.2 MOD APK (Max Level) Download

Wildsong: Friends with Animals will take you on an adventure in the world of cute animals. With a lovely and gentle style, players will be completely immersed in relaxation and peace. No less attractive, this game will have countless missions for you to conquer with your animals.


In this game, you are given an incredible superpower that you must have dreamed of when you were a child, that is, the ability to talk to animals. Here, you will meet cute animals such as horses, camels, foxes, sheep. Make friends with them and create great adventures together. Go on an adventure in a beautiful open world where you can go everywhere; you can become a good friend for life with a particular animal you find along the way.


You will have a lovely home, and you can do anything to make it beautiful and better. Decorate and design your home with adorable furniture and accessories. Make your home unique according to your own style and enjoy the feeling of living in a beautiful home according to your preferences.


The world of Wildsong is vast, and you can go around and explore with your beloved animal. Along the way, you will encounter many beautiful things. The characters you meet on the road will bring exciting things; learn more about them. Conquer challenges and quests to receive valuable rewards. The bigger and better the rewards, the more opportunities you will have to participate in the next exciting adventures.


Wildsong has easy gameplay and cute graphics. The game is designed in terms of graphics, gameplay, and storyline to be suitable for all ages, even children. This game also helps children learn while playing, develop creativity and improve empathy. They will learn to love animals and nature and can help them relax after school.

This game promises to bring the most exciting entertainment experience for you when transforming into a lovely girl possessing superpowers. Join now to enjoy the beautiful and peaceful natural world next to extremely adorable animals.


  • Horses can be communicated with! It’s a superpower of yours.
  • Beautify your homestead with adorable furnishings and accessories!
  • Become acquainted with and make friends with lovely creatures such as horses, llamas, foxes, lambs, dogs, cats, and even a gold chicken. What other supernatural creatures may be lurking in the shadows?
  • Establishing friendships with the creatures you encounter- Going on amazing journeys and discovering the Rolling Hills, Saltstone, and other locations-
  • Take good care of your own house, and consider getting pets.
  • Our first goal is to keep your children’s information safe and secure.

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