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Wonder Planetes v43 MOD APK (One Hit, Unlimited Ammo) Download


An action game for mobile devices with intense combat! Participate in a number of different fights, such as the primary mission, which consists of sixty unique patterns, the combat to guard the decoy, and the wargame to provide crystals. You will be able to gain one-of-a-kind operator skins and customize your skill combinations as you go through the objectives.

Wonder Planetes


Players in Wonder Planetes only need to engage in combat to advance through a level. The character will have a chosen weapon and will automatically attack any nearby targets in a horizontal screen interface. Using the crane on the left side, the player must move continually to avoid assaults while maintaining a safe distance. If the situation demands it, you can utilize the Quick Glide button to escape the assault.

Numerous waves of enemies will appear in each level. In the last wave, players will have to take on a huge, formidable boss. Following level completion, you’ll get gold coins, extra experience points, resources, and the option to unlock new characters, which will lead to more thrilling and adventurous adventures.

Wonder Planetes


Various things, components, and equipment! As the fight goes on, you will have the opportunity to outfit and improve a variety of operators, battleships, and components. To engage in combat with formidable bosses of a variety of genres, you will need to level up both your operator and your battleship.

Beautiful operators’ drawings! The alluring ladies are awaiting your challenge right now. You will be able to gather attractive operator’s illustrations after each and every fight that you win! Who will be in charge of operating the following mission?


Resources for an infinite number of items. What a whirlwind! You may enhance your fleet through Expedition, which will allow you to get more essential supplies, as well as the Essence Lab and the Research Lab. You are going to have to play the game very carefully in order to get the stuff that you want. Do not ignore the tasks that provide you with a large number of goods on a daily and weekly basis.

Wonder Planetes


1vs1, 3vs3 PVP Arena that runs according to the season. There are unique insignia that correspond to your tier grade, and each one is unique. Get awards based on how well you did in the Arena season.


Despite the fact that this game only has 2D visuals, the creator was exceedingly attentive and diligent in sculpting, finishing every aspect in the design stage. It is therefore difficult to evaluate the sound in particular or the quality of the player’s experience overall from the effects.

The character structure is also based on the kinds of images—hot, attractive girls—that thrill players. The more characters you own to complete stages, the longer you play. The three talents that each of these characters has are Main Skill, Active Skill, and Passive Skill. The player has a choice of one of them prior to each encounter.


  • Seasonal 1vs1 and 3vs3 PVP Arena. There are several emblems based on your tier grade.
  • Expedition to get more vital materials, Essence Lab, and Research Lab to enhance your fleet
  • Beautiful ladies await your challenge. You may get hot operator images every time you win a match! Who will be the next mission’s operator?
  • Upgrade and, upgrade more! Various objects, components, and machinery! A spectacular combat in a mobile action game!


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