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World War Heroes v1.35.1 MOD APK + OBB (Menu/Dame, Ammo) Download


World War Heroes will introduce a dense environment with an explosive atmosphere from World War 2, igniting players’ excitement in online-focused matches. In addition, it has a vibrant personal story system for players to enjoy the most heroic and tragic moments of a soldier. More exciting content will gradually come to them through each mode or aspect, promising to bring the best experiences for WW2-based factors.

World War Heroes: WW2 FPS


The single-player campaign in World War Heroes will give players insight into each country’s history and heroic campaigns during World War 2. That includes changing the perspective and objective diversity to diversify their gameplay experience while creating a variety of equipment and unique discoveries. On top of that, it has a traumatic storyline and gives players a better understanding of the actual value of a large-scale war.

World War Heroes: WW2 FPS


If players have completed the campaign mode, online battles are new experiences to explore with friends. The distinguishing feature of the online modes is that it introduces many unique and important elements of a large-scale battlefield, including vehicles, supply points, defense points, capturing points, etc. More new content will also expand in the future, bringing everyone absolute entertainment with everyone.

World War Heroes: WW2 FPS


The equipment system in World War Heroes involves a variety of content, including weapons, grenades, and many other support items. Meanwhile, there will be many supply points on the battlefield or allowing players to change the loadout while respawning, bringing the atmosphere and excitement to new heights, demonstrating the chaos of online battles. Players will also gradually unlock new weapons or customizations in the future, whether through war or the reward system.

World War Heroes: WW2 FPS


The battlefields in online matches are designed bizarrely and chaotically for every player to become more creative. Their scale is also different, such as on the moving train, city, and small villages to diversify the player’s combat experience in different battlefields. Moreover, some maps also introduce rich vehicle systems, like tanks or transport vehicles, to make things more chaotic.


The weekly activities and events in World War Heroes are generous and have plenty of fun for players to enjoy. In addition, it also allows a group of people to support each other in special game modes, thereby winning many handsome rewards to stimulate the atmosphere or motivation of everyone. Depending on the individual content, each person has separate criteria instead of a uniform, and many random things will always appear when the event is nearing the end.

World War Heroes: WW2 FPS


The quality of the game’s graphics is also one of the outstanding factors for players to immerse themselves in the fiercest and most exciting battles. It also has great optimization so that people have good stability even if they are facing a lot of dense visual effects and more. On top of that, environmental effects such as weather, smoke, fire, and more will make everyone’s feeling more genuine and unique and show a distinctive color of World War 2.

World War Heroes is one of the great choices if players want to entertain their friends through rich and unparalleled game modes. It also constantly updates with new content such as events, game modes, new weapons, and more to diversify everything from gameplay, excitement, and player experience.


  • The game has been particularly tuned to run smoothly on both powerful and low-powered devices!
  • Complete your everyday activities while upgrading your equipment!
  • Play every day to get free rewards and to receive daily chores as well as a plethora of free items!
  • Build the arsenal of your dreams by increasing damage and maximum ammo while lowering kickback and reload time.
  • Immerse yourself in an online battle with sharp graphics and easy-to-use controls.
  • Various new weaponry will be available to aid your squad in their efforts to win the match. Make use of the whole armament, which includes machine guns, grenades, rifles, sniper rifles, bazookas, and other weapons.
  • Your game, your set of rules! Create a lobby, invite your buddies, and get ready to fight!


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